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Wills & Estates

“Harpreet Sachdeva is a great lawyer. she listens carefully and provides the best advice possible. If you need legal service, I would not hesitate to work with SMLG.”

Charles K.

Will & Trust Law

Deciding what will happen to your home, your financial assets, and your personal possessions after your passing can be a difficult process. However, if you don’t take the time to make these decisions now, a court may end up dividing your property for you.

Trust We Will Help You Take Control of Your Assets

Instead of leaving such important decisions to the courts, get the assistance you need to make wise decisions concerning your estate by speaking with a lawyer. Sachdeva Milne Law Group is dedicated to helping you through every step of your estate planning and is prepared to assist you with such legal services as:

  • LDrafting a will
  • LCreating a living trust
  • LCreating business, education, retirement, and other trusts

The decisions you make regarding your estate determine how your property will be divided and what estate taxes will need to be paid after your passing. Take control by consulting with a professional at Sachdeva Milne Law Group today.

Estate Litigation

Estate planning allows you to provide for your family by creating a will, making funeral arrangements in advance, and more. If you’re ready to begin the estate planning process, you need the help of a lawyer with the knowledge to protect the interests of you and your loved ones. That’s where Sachdeva Milne Law Group comes in.

Dedicated to Helping You

Sachdeva Milne Law Group in Brampton, ON offers a comprehensive range of estate law services, including:

  • LLong-term care provisions
  • LEnd-of-life arrangements
  • LEstate administration
  • LEstate litigation

Sachdeva Milne Law Group has professionals who are compassionate and who will treat you with the respect you deserve. When you work with Sachdeva Milne Law Group, you can expect attentive, personalized service at every step in the legal process. Whether it’s planning for your family’s future or executing a loved one’s will, the professionals at Sachdeva Milne Law Group are ready to help. Call today to schedule your consultation.

Continuing Power of Attorney for Property

It is a legal document in which a person (“Grantor”) gives someone (“Attorney”) the right and responsibility of making decisions about the person’s financial affairs if something were to happen to that person and they were alive but no longer capable of looking after their property.

Power of Attorney for Personal Care

It is a legal document in which a person (“Grantor”) gives someone (“Attorney”) the right and responsibility of making decisions about the person’s health care, housing, and other aspects (such as meals and clothing) of their personal life if something happened to them and they were no longer able to look after themselves.

If you do not have these documents and you are rendered incapable of making these decisions for yourself due to an illness or accident, a family member or friend could apply to the court to be authorized to act for you. In some cases, the government may step in through the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.

By creating these documents, you can choose someone you trust as your Attorney.

At Sachdeva Milne Law Group, we take the time to sit down with you to review your options and explain every aspect of each document.

We also assist family members in applying to the court for guardianship over their loved one’s property and/or person.

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