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Real Estate

Buying or selling a home?
We’ve got you covered!

We provide legal services for all residential and commercial real estate transactions including the following:

  • LReview of Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • LIndependent Legal Advice for a mortgage
  • LSale
  • LPurchase
  • LPurchase of a new home from the builder
  • LRefinance
  • LTitle transfer
  • LSurvivorship applications

Every real estate transaction is unique.

Generally, a lawyer’s role in a residential real estate transaction includes the following:

  • LReviewing the agreement of purchase and sale;
  • LReviewing the plan of survey of the property (if available);
  • LSearching the title of the property;
  • LConducting other relevant searches, known as off-title searches;
  • LAdvising the clients regarding title insurance and how to take title to the property;
  • LPreparing or reviewing all of the necessary documents;
  • LPreparing for the closing, including executing documents by the client;
  • LDealing with the Mortgagee (lender);
  • LClosing the transaction and registering the documents; and
  • LProviding an opinion as to title or title insurance.

Our Estimated Fees

We offer our clients a stress-free, efficient and comprehensive experience and give them individual attention throughout the entire process.


$800 +HST


$750 +HST


$750 +HST

This flat fee is based on a residential transaction for a vacant single-family property on the date of closing with mortgage instructions seven days prior to the closing date (if applicable).

The following disbursements are not included:

  • LLand transfer tax
  • LTitle insurance
  • LRegistration cost per transfer or per mortgage
  • LTitle searches, writ searches, two execution searches, bank charges, wire charges, conveyancer charges, software charges
  • LTransaction levy

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